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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I use the Find A Cure Rx Card?
Simply print your FREE card here, then take it your nearest pharmacy to save money on your prescriptions.
Who can use the Find A Cure Rx Card?
Everyone. Whether you're uninsured or under insured, even if you have a prescription plan, everyone should carry the Find A Cure Rx card with them to insure they receive the lowest possible prices on their prescriptions.
Is this insurance?
This card is NOT insurance and is not intended to take the place of any insurance coverage you may have. This is a FREE discount drug program designed to save you money on your prescriptions through our national network of participating pharmacies.
What prescription drugs are covered with the Find A Cure Rx Card?
All FDA approved brand name and generic prescription drugs are covered by the card .... including pet medications!
Who is eligible? Are there any age or health restrictions?
Everyone is eligible. Since our program is not insurance, there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions and no age limitations.
Can the Find A Cure Rx Card save me money if I'm on Medicare?
Yes. The Find A Cure Rx Card can help individuals on Medicare save money on their prescriptions while in the "donut hole".
Which pharmacies accept the Find A Cure Rx Card?
There are over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, both chain and independent pharmacies. Click Here to find the pharmacy nearest you.
Do you have any examples of how much I can save?
Yes. Listed below are recent examples of what people like you have saved on their prescriptions. Pricing subject to change without notice.
Alprazolam Tab 0.5 mg
         30        $18.99        $7.15        62.35%
Amlodipine Tab 2.5 mg
         60        $92.99        $12.46        86.60%
Citalopram Tab 40 mg
         30        $26.89        $10.90        59.46%
Clonazepam Tab 0.5
         60        $34.89        $9.10        73.92%
Diazepam 10 mg
         90        $28.99        $9.56        67.20%
Enalapril Tab mg
         90        $56.99        $16.30        71.30%
Fluzone Inj. PF 11-12
         1        $27.99        $17.07        39.01%
Gabapentin Cap 100 mg
         120        $63.99        $15.34        76.03%
Simvastatin Tab 40 mg
         30        $42.99        $13.30         69.06%
Zolpidem Tab 10 mg
         30        $55.99        $7.60        86.43%
Retail Cost
Find A Cure Rx Card Cost
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Is there a telephone number I can call for further questions?
Yes. You can call our Pharmacy Help Line with any questions at 1-888-299-5383.
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